2006 NHL Playoff Pool

Welcome to Andy Weise's 2006 NHL Playoff Pool. This is all for fun and no money is involved. Myself and a few other hockey fans try to show who knows the most and who wants to prove that they are the best prognosticator of NHL hockey.

The Rules

The rules are pretty simple:

The Points

Here's how the points are given:

ROUND Series winner Bonus (winner)
Conference QFs 10 3
Conference Semis 20 8
Conference Finals 35 10
Stanley Cup Finals 60 15

An additional 20 points will be awarded to any player for each team that they correctly predict - prior to the start of the playoffs - to reach the finals. 30 bonus points will be awarded if a player correctly predicts the Stanley Cup champ - also before the playoffs begin.

The Players

Current Standings

Conference Quarterfinals and Selections

Conference Semifinals and Selections

Conference Finals and Selections

Stanley Cup Finals and Selections