Up we go

Right at the top of the stairs is the full bath.

Your standard sink & toilet.

Your standard tub. The shower curtain is my favorite, with the golf designs all over it. We have to give our guests the right impression, you know....

Turn to the left at the top of the stairs and you see the only hardwood-floored bedroom in the house. This will most likely be the nursery someday.

Reverse-angle view of the bedroom. The door of the room is to the right of the closets.

Turn to the right at the top of the stairs and you see the first guest bedroom that's actually ready. It has the full-sized bed from the second bedroom in our old apartment. The only difference between the old (left) and new is the paint job. It looks more Adirondack-like now.

Another view of the "new" first guest bedroom.

Take another right and you have the largest of the non-master bedroom bedrooms.

Another reverse-angle view. Yes, I took these at different times of the day. Again, Suzie must make her presence.

Two lefts at the top of the stairs is the master bedroom. Check out what we've done with it....

The picture on the left is the old color - a faded, but bright yellow. We painted the room (as you see in the picture on the right) a darker color. It's coral - kind of an orange-looking shade. It's much better than waking up in the sunshine to that yellow!

A view from the windows. The hutch is right as you walk into the room, but there's deceptively plenty of room.

The master bathroom. That's a large stand-up shower.

The sink in the master bathroom.

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Page updated February 28, 2000