The Big Move

We closed on the house on Monday, November 15th, 1999. We moved in the following Saturday (November 20th). Thanks to the help of several people - David Johnson (Melissa's brother), Roy Muermann, Phil DeLorenzo, Tom Carey, Tom Moeller, and Todd Mayen.

This was our Ryder truck - well, the back of it, at least. That's Andy throwing one of the furniture pads off the truck while others work on getting the mattresses out.

David & Andy are too busy to pose for a picture.

Roy & Tom (Moeller) are enjoying something happening upstairs while they wait to bring our king-sized headboard to the second floor. Andy is supervising, of course.

Ben (our 2-year-old nephew) decided he wanted to help, so he picked up a broom and started on the kitchen.

Moving on to the actual tour.