What you don't see from the road

The back yard is pretty much hidden from the road, thanks to the hedges. If you go around the back of the garage, you'll see what Andy has always dreamed of having (not including the reclining chair) - a deck in the back. It's level with the first floor for your easy and convenient barbecueing needs.

This picture may not do justice to the back yard, but considering I couldn't take any pictures until the leaves were already off the trees, this is what you get. The yard slopes down away from the house and our property ends at a small creek (or brook, as the street name implies). I'll get a better picture in the summer.

A nice shot of the house from the back of the yard. It's tough to see, but on the left side of the yard is a beautifully built trellis that holds the bushes. Trust me, this looks 100% better in the summer.

The previous owners left a bunch of stuff, including this little item. It looks like it's a tree house that just wasn't installed in a tree. We'll find some good use for this, of course.

They also left the volleyball net. Perfect for your summer outdoor party needs. Yes, we know it needs some work.

Page updated February 27, 2000

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