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This is our happy little puppy, Suzie. There's a great story behind her. Melissa's sister Sondra found Suzie dodging cars on I-84 near Middletown, NY. About 10 cars stopped to try and rescue her, but she ran right to Sondra. She put an ad in the paper, but nobody claimed the scared little pup. When Sondra went out of town for a week, she asked Melissa & I to dog-sit. We never gave her back.

Suzie is full-grown now and is doing very well. Melissa takes her to obedience classes every week and Suzie absolutely loves it!! She is a certified therapy dog and goes to visit elderly patients at a nursing home once a month. She is the life of the party where ever she goes and is much more friendly and sociable than when we first got her. She also likes to think she's a German Shepherd or any other dog that's 10 times her size. Suzie has the attitude of a big dog, but just the body of a little shih tzu. Years of obedience school got her to sit like that, by the way.

This is our cat, Emily. She wandered into Sondra's apartment in 1993 and became Melissa's cat since Sondra already had two (animals have this special attraction to Sondra). Emily looks like your typical cat, but if you were around her for a while, you'd see (or hear) what a set of lungs she has. She was deathly afraid of any human that came to visit until Suzie came along. Now she's starved for the attention. This is her usual activity - sleeping. She's like this most of the day, except for feeding time. She never misses a meal.

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